I’m Matt Shwery, a digital product designer and developer.

  • Redux + Webpack = Time Travel

    I’ve been developing sites for the past 7 or 8 years now, and I’ve finally landed on one of the best frontend development toolchains. read more

  • Explorations in CSS animations

    After begrudgingly installing Facebook’s Messenger app on my Nexus 5, I was thoroughly entranced by the realistically springy animations used by the app’s “chat heads” feature. read more

  • Placeholders in Sass

    You should be using a preprocessor. But I won’t argue with you about it if you aren’t using one. These are some thoughts on why I love using a CSS preprocessor, and my flavor of choice is Sass. read more

  • REST in practice

    REST is a beautiful thing. REST is an architectural style. Many public APIs are designed with a REST-style, as opposed to patterns like SOAP, WSDL, etc. Let’s see how simple it is. read more

  • Shynav.js

    I’ve been seeing this behavior across various native apps & web sites: navigation goes away as you scroll the site/app, and upon scrolling up it reappears. I’m calling it “shy nav” simply because in most implementations the nav hides after a couple seconds of being shown on scroll up. read more

  • Built with Jekyll

    Static sites are awesome. They’re super fast, fully cacheable, database-free, and no-frills-easy to make. If you don’t require database-driven content you can achieve plenty with a static site. read more

  • Barcamp 2013

    One of my favorite events of the year, BarcampNola – the two-day, tech-oriented New Orleans “unconference” – is coming up July 13 & 14. It’s weirdly inspirational. read more

  • An Introduction to d3.js

    At work I was tasked with creating an internal tool to track and display vital company stats. I knew that meant I would likely be displaying some data in charts and graphs. Thus began my search for an easily customizable data visualization library. read more

  • A New Save Icon

    There’s been some recent discussion on Branch about redesigning the save icon. This conversation crops up from time to time, but no lasting fruit has come from it… yet. read more

  • Device Independence

    The world of screens is multiplying, and with it the use of Responsive Design. But we’re still figuring it out. read more

  • Sass Loops

    In nearly every project I’ve worked on, patterns develop throughout the css. That’s when I turn to Sass to simplify my stylesheets (hello whitespace, nesting, and mix-ins). read more

  • I Just Launched Minimalist!

    At last! I launched my simple list app, minimaList. In early 2012, I started developing minimaList for my wife and I. We wanted a simple way to share lists without the hassle or formality of user accounts. I had been itching to get familiar with Backbone.js and exercise Rails skills. Today I launched the app. So go, make some lists! read more